The Marketeer´s role has changed radically over the past decade and technology as well as marketing software has been the primary driver. Once separate disciplines are increasingly inseparable through marketing technology.


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Changes in consumer behavior and the advances in the MarTech space add up to a significant shift in the mix of marketing spend from media and marketing services to technology. Marketing Tools and Marketing Software are now estimated to be 10% of the total marketing spend in 2025.

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Complexity and speed of reaction demand a growing number of automated solutions throughout the whole value creation process in marketing. We see new marketing tools and start-ups popping up everywhere, making indentifying the right MarTech solutions even more complicated.

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We support you to use digital innovation to make your marketing workflow faster, cheaper and more efficient.



XQ Digital supports organizations to help make marketing technology simple. We help with planning, tech set up and implementation to make your marketing workflow faster and boost efficiency.

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Do you have international growth plans and need the right marketing technology strategy to enable you to scale efficiently? We analyze your current status quo, help to identify the potentials, build the MarTech strategy & priority road-map that powers your overall business goals. Finally we caclulate your investment case.

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Are you looking to implement or rebuild your marketing technology ecosystem? Our team sets up the digital transformation of your marketing workflow from start to end. From scoping, screening of innovative solution partners, technical implementation through to on-boarding -- always making sure that new marketing software solutions fit seamlessly into existing infrastructure or procurement restrictions.

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You've got your MarTech Ecosystem in place, but you’re still only using a part of its capabilities? XQ Digital discovers the potential of your marketing tools stack, eliminates unnessecary technologies and finds new solutions to get the maximum out of your ecosystem.


We help you to differentiate your brand experience with digital technologis.


The ability to create innovative product experiences that consumers want to share with others is what makes the difference today. Innovative brands work hard to optimize the customer experience within the product category to create a new standard. In fact, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. By 2020 customer experience will overtake product and price as a key brand differentiator.

Source: 2018, PWC, Experience is everything, Here´s how to get it right


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evaluate the central category pain points that could open up opportunities for your BrandTech vision.

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create a broad range of BrandTech ideas inspiring our tech experts to find a unique solution for your brand.

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help to build the brand technology strategy and road-map.

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screen relevant solution partners, define executional mandatories, time plan and precise budget for the final production.

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lead throughout the whole technical implementation process until complex solutions work.

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