The Marketeer´s role has changed radically over the past decade and technology as well as marketing software has been the primary driver. Once separate disciplines are increasingly inseparable through marketing technology.

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Changes in consumer behaviour and the pace of innovation in the marketing technology (martech) market are already leading to a significant shift in marketing spend from media and marketing services to martech investment. An average share of 29% of total marketing spend already makes MarTech the most significant single item in the US (2018 Gartner CMO Spend Survey).

Complexity and speed of response require automated marketing software solutions across the entire marketing value chain. New marketing tools and start-ups are popping up everywhere, making the identification of relevant solutions more complicated every day.

Creating Marketing Technology Ecosystems

We help you take the first step with our „Quickstart Process“. For 2,900 EUR we create your first MarTech stack, evaluate PainPoints in a virtual workshop and derive a recommendation for a first pilot project with milestone planning.
Let’s talk about the possibilities and challenges of your marketing technology stack in a 15-minute meeting.



XQ Digital helps marketing organisations to easily and accurately integrate the right marketing software into their business processes. We help with planning, building the MarTech stack and implementation to accelerate the marketing workflow and increase efficiency.

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You want to further internationalise your marketing and need the right MarTech strategy to scale efficiently? We help you develop the plan and priority roadmap to achieve your goals.

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Are you considering implementing or updating the MarTech stack and are still looking for the relevant solutions? XQ Digital designs the digital transformation of your marketing workflow from start to finish. From scoping, screening of innovative solution partners and technical implementation to onboarding of operational marketing teams.

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Do you have a marketing technology ecosystem in place, but only use part of the available possibilities? XQ Digital analyses the potential of your MarTech stack, eliminates redundant solutions and adds innovations that get the most out of your tech stack.

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XQ Digital evaluates the key pain points and uncovers their opportunities for your individual MarTech vision.

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We develop a wide range of BrandTech ideas for your brand to find a unique solution.

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Build the MarTech strategy and associated roadmap

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Screening of relevant solution partners, definition of the implementation framework conditions, time planning, determination of the exact budget.

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We lead the entire technical implementation process until a complex solution is really up and running.