Case Study: Development of the overall strategic architecture, CTO interim management role and implementation for the fitness app FitterYou.

The technology company (FitterYou), founded in Landau/Pfalz in 2016, is a pioneer in e-health and medtech. AG has a clear focus on digitization and combines research results in the fields of sports science, methodical training, health prevention/management, medicine and physiotherapy with key technologies from the fields of IT, data mining and 3D visualization to offer innovative and marketable products and services.


Based on years of experience in training methodology, the customer had the idea for a Fittnes App, which should provide personalized training videos based on the training progress of the users. Furthermore, the logic should also allow the user to define pain zones and exclude unloved exercises. This information should be changeable immediately before the start of the training and should be taken into account when compiling the training videos. As a unique selling point, the FitterYOU App should ensure that each exercise session is tailored to the user’s fitness and training progress in the best possible way – and therefore always individually tailored. At the time of the project launch, only had a permanently employed back-end developer and a network of freelancers and had no know-how in the area of app development and operation of SaaS infrastructures.


workout - Interim Management Fitteryou

A native app for iOS and Android was designed to dynamically assemble videos from individual building blocks and the ability to display them on a second screen. Since the contents of the training videos are only fixed shortly before the start, only single video snippets can be made available on the server side, which are combined into a training video with a logic in the app. This results in tens of thousands of possible variations that fit exactly to the training progress of the users and perfect the impression of personalization. In order for this to work at all times, a modular backend architecture based on various microservices had to be designed. This architecture allows a scalable and low-maintenance 24/7 operation on a standard cloud platform such as AWS or Azure.



XQ Digital provided with an interim management CTO over a period of one year who helped design the overall architecture and set up and structured the software development for front- and backend. In order to achieve the desired time-to-market, the development work was divided. The app for iOS and Android was tendered for development and developed in close cooperation with a development partner. The backend application was programmed in an internal team with a permanent developer, which was strengthened by freelancers. Right from the start, attention was paid to ensuring that SW deployment was automated so that operating models for cloud services such as AWS or Azure could be used. This also made it possible to use a service provider for 24/7 operation to save costs and conserve internal resources.



  • No two trainings are the same, thus motivating users to follow the training plan and securing long-term subscription contracts to achieve MRR goals.
  • Powerful backend, which processes the different parameters such as user preferences, last training sessions, general training progress and other context-related parameters in seconds and generates a suitable training.
  • An extensive and always scalable infrastructure can be operated 24/7 at low cost and high availability with low operating expenses.


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