Disruptive innovations or competitors turn a digital challenge into an advantage. The digital revolution has reached meanwhile all industries. With experience from different industries and business sizes XQ Digital supports you to find your way into the age of digitalization with tailormade digital business development.


XQ Digital supports in analyzing your current situation and identify the opportunities in the market. We identify the valuable action points and find the sweet spot providing the highest leverage for your business innovation. 

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Evaluate your ideas with a market research to identify potentials or adapt the ideas until there is enough potential. We analyze your future competitors, develop the relevant target group and pricing strategy.

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Identify customer segments, define a product or service offering, create personas, simply better understand your current positioning. We will work with your teams to identifiy your strength and create new oportunities.


To convince management you need to provide a proper business case or ROI calculation to succeed. Business planning, Spin-off or marketing planning – our experts will support you to evaluate and establish your project in your organization. 

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You are lacking the time and ressources to turn an oportunity into a business sucess. We turn your vision into an actionable plan and a roadmap to digitalization.

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Digitalization needs a deeper understanding of the required resources and technologies. We take the lead in system architecture, tool selection or developing a budget and realistic project plan for your project.


When it comes to implementation of a digital business strategy most companies discover that the biggest challenge is not defining the strategy but practical implementation. The ability to lead a complex transformation process and change mindset, processes and business model is something that requires experience. We turn your plans into a real business and support you to establish it in your organisation.

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Hire talents and find the right people is one of the main challenges that companies often have to master their digital transformation. We support to cover the most urgent needs by providing interim management.

Digital Business Development


Adapting process and workflow is often as necessary as a succesful implementation project. Change Management need to take care about the involved people to create a positive momentum.

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Technical challenges are unavoidable in a digitialization project. Our experts have the technical knowledge and experience to support you to make the right decisions within IT-Architecture and operations. Closly tracked project planning ensures, that your project will be delivered in time, on budget with the best achivable quality.


Change is nothing that happens overnight. Having expertise in your advisory board will help to make the change sustainable. Or we will find the matching person that will guide you to prepare your business for the digital challenges.

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