Case Study: Interim Management - Company integration after acquisition

yoochoose Company integration after acquisition

A Scandinavian software group has acquired YOOCHOOSE an international company that operates a SaaS recommendation system. The service is to be integrated into the CMS system offered by the software group. In addition, the existing customers of the acquired company are to be integrated into the processes of the new parant company.

Interim-Management for Employee selection procedures for new and existing employees to be transferred to a German subsidiary as part of a takeover as part of a transfer of operations- Definition of technical interfaces for the integration of the SaaS recommendation system into the group’s CMS system- Review of operating costs for hosting the SaaS recommendation system and measures to optimize the operation and hosting with Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Support for the first customer projects for using the SaaS recommendation system within the CMS, including optimization of the integration solution.

Client: International CMS manufacturer


YOOCHOOSE is a company providing a Service in e-commerce, which offers a SaaS- solution to help online shops generating a personalized shopping experience for their customers via personalized product recommendation, search results and newsletter content. With its roots in a joint research project between Deutsche Telekom Laboratories and Ben Gurion University, YOOCHOOSE confidently stands on a decade of experience in recommendation systems. Over 1000 merchants worldwide have chosen YOOCHOOSE to increase sales, recommend relevant products and content in real time to their customers.

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