Shanghai Pudong
Shanghai The Bund & Pudong Skyline (credits @pixabay)

The links in business life between Germany and China today are manifold and complex. There is no question that China consulting and strategy has become enormously important for Germany as an export nation. If you add to this the rapid development of digital business models and technological innovations, you don’t have to be an expert to realise that you have to take a close look here. What opportunities and risks does China offer? What can you learn for your own business model, but also for Europe? – XQ Digital offers support in three areas:


Introduction to the most important social differences as well as understanding the cultural area of China. How is business life different in China? What innovations are currently taking place there and why are they important for us? Book a topic-related lecture, specially tailored to your individual needs by our expert Sascha Kurfiss.

Let us talk about your topics and challenges regarding China in a 15-minute talk!


What is the status of my industry in China. What are the opportunities and risks? Which business case is most promising and which local partners can help me take my first steps.

What possibilities are there for generating data on user behaviour for my business model in China? How can this data be analysed with the help of artificial intelligence? Can the findings from China be transferred to other countries?

We can work out this and many other questions for you together with our network of local partners. So that your market entry or business expansion in China is successful.



Even if you don’t have any business plans in China today, we still recommend that you look into the topic of innovation from China. Many digital innovations are taking place in China and Asia and services like Tiktok are becoming global trends. There is a lot to learn here, especially for the West. Invite our China expert Sascha Kurfiss as a speaker on the topic of China consulting & strategy or go on a local innovation trip with him.